Average camel body condition - Diinsor, BSAHP - July 2019
Average Camel - Xudur, SAP - July 2019
Average Goat body Condition - Jariiban - July 2019
Average Goats body condition - Xudur, SAP - July 2019
Average Sorghum Crop - Qansax Dheere, BSAHP, Bay - July 2019
Below average Goat - Waajid, Low potential - July 2019
Cattle abnormal migration to Ethiopia - Qansaxleey, Doolow, SAP - July 2019
Cattle normal condition - Dolow, Uunsi, SIP - July 2019
Migrating families - Baidoa, BSAHP - July 2019
Poor Cattle - Waajid, Bakool, SAP - July 2019
Mothers fetching rain water for domestic use in Baidoa IDP settlement. FSNAU, November 2017

In Focus


    • The above-average 2019 Deyr harvest, gains in livestock herd sizes, and sustained humanitarian food assistance have supported recovery from the preceding 2018/2019 drought and recent floods in rural areas. In February, Stressed (IPC Phase 2) outcomes are prevalent in the presence of food assistance. However, Crisis (IPC Phase 3) outcomes are observed in flood-affected Juba riverine areas, Addun Pastoral livelihood zone in central Somalia, and...

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